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Please use the form below to modify an EXISTING entry or to submit a NEW listing.  Only one entry listing per form submission. 
If you cannot send the form by means of the SUBMIT button, please cut and paste it into an e-mail, or use a similar format to submit the information to:  WPE5AVL @ KC5JK.com (REMOVE blank characters on both ends of the @ symbol).
NOTE:  YOUR e-mail on the form will not be published, but may be used for verification or corrections only.  Thank you.  

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When you click the Submit button, your form will be submitted to the webmaster by e-mail.  You should be returned to the same or the home page thereafter.  If not, try your browser Back arrow button.  Please be patient while we work the kinks out, and allow a reasonable time for your entry to be added to the SWLcs data-base.  The Search button may rely on a slow spider to return the latest additions so, if they do not appear, use the View/Download option.  Check bottom of the Search page for latest update.  Thank you.

Listing Notes:  QTH information is not intended to be updated.  If an SWL has moved outside the call area of the original SWL Call Sign, append a slant bar (/) to the Call.  If the original QTH listed is no longer correct, append an (x) to it. 
Countries which no longer exist because they were eaten by the neighboring tribe or had a US client government later installed, or experienced military coup or other upheaval will not be changed.  Deceased operators may be indicated by a (dec.) following first name, or (sk) following an amateur radio call sign.